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How long is the workshop?

Our workshops are typically one day. They can be run as stand alone experiences or integrated into your leadership development and management programmes.

We also run half day workshops that can be combined with experience polo days, wellness talks, or your own training programmes. Alternatively use the positive energy and open communication created by the workshop to enhance your own meetings and hold your team meeting at our facility whilst you're with us. 

How many participants can attend a workshop?

We usually work with groups of 6-8 people. This number ensures the best possible experience for both the participants and the horses. We encourage active participation and know that too many in a group does not leave enough space for exploration of the themes that arise. If you have a larger group we can accommodate this by splitting the group between extra facilitators.

Does the day involve riding the horses?

The workshop is purely ground based activities and no experience with horses is necessary. However we do partner with polo schools to provide a mixed activity day if that appeals to your group.

What should participants wear?

We advise bringing a waterproof jacket and warm layers just in case. Closed toe shoes are mandatory when taking part in the activites with the horses. We think that being outside and therefore the weather, is part of the experience, however many of our venues have a choice of indoor or outdoor arenas so we can work without being affected by the weather if you so choose.

What if people are allergic to horses?

As the day is a mix of interacting with the horses and coaching, most people with allergies find that if they take over the counter allergy medications they are able to interact with the horses without any issues.

What about if people are scared of horses, can they still come? 

Absolutely. Participants can interact with the horses as much or as little as they feel comfortable. Even if people arrive scared of horses we hope that they will leave having learnt enough to be comfortable around them by the time the day is over. Whilst what we do is not therapy we often find that those who are anxious about the horses benefit hugely from the interaction.

How friendly are your horses?

Our horses are all super friendly and relaxed. All we ask is that you treat the horses with kindness and respect and they will respond with the same to you. 

Are your workshops suitable for children?

We can  offer workshops for young adults, please contact us directly to discuss this further. 

What is included in the workshop?

We provide hot and cold drinks and snacks on all of our workshops. For full day courses we provide a cold buffet lunch.

If you have specific requirements we can cater to almost any wishes dependant on the venue you choose. 

How much does a workshop cost?

All of our workshops are bespoke and the cost will vary dependant on your requirements. To find out more about options we can provide and the costs involved email or call.

Where are you located?

Our home base is in the village of Hartley Wintney, ten minutes from Fleet (M3 junction 4), 20mins from Reading (M4 junction 11) and 1 hour from London. Workshops can be held here or at one of our carefully selected network of locations across the country.  

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