Our team building days are based around the idea that "how you do one thing is how you do everything". Whilst the horses may not be actual colleagues or customers the exercises with the horses can be designed to reveal areas that may need addressing and because our horses have their own minds (just like your customers and colleagues) the outcome cannot be scripted. Participants will need to work as a team to address challenges as they arise and think on their feet to find solutions. 

Although the practical exercises provide insights into how a team is working together and encourage team bonding we at door94 pride ourselves on the ability to take the process much deeper. After each practical exercise we take the participants though a 5 stage group coaching session based on the Pfeiffer-Jones experiential learning model. During these sessions we aim to identify strengths and challenges that arose during the activity, delve into why the participants believe they occurred and how they are experiencing similar situations in the work place. We then work with the participants to design an action plan that can be taken away and applied to enable the team to operate more successfully as a result of their experience.


Effective leadership is a key element in every successful organisation. Good leaders help a team achieve its goals and enable a business to move forward. We believe that every individual has the capacity lead within their own sphere of influence. We know that leadership strategies and practices need to be adaptable to the various dynamic environments in which today's leaders will inevitably find themselves. Although innate leadership styles will evolve and change over time with experience, our workshops help your employees experience and experiment with different ways of leading so that they can immediately see the effect this has on the team around them and put these skills to work the very next day.

Our horses play a big part in the leadership days. As horses are prey animals they rely on their leaders to keep them safe, this makes them highly attuned to react to the qualities that embody successful leadership. By integrating with the herd and performing exercises with the horses, participants will learn about the power of intention, non verbal communication and positive leadership. Participants get to see, feel and analyse how different leaderships styles play out in real situations. As horses are non-judgemental and unbiased this ensures immediate, uncensored feedback on the participant's actions, regardless of position or role,




"When we were told we were going to be working with horses to learn our management attributes I was very sceptical. Now I've done it I can see it really works! The learning is a much more tangible process, it's not just words that go in one ear and out the other, you can see and feel everything that you are learning" 

Sam, Sales Manager - Southern Cross Flooring

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