What is your story?

We all have a story. Our story makes us who we are, but it also allows us to decide who we will become. How much time do you spend actively creating your future story? Positive visualisation makes our dreams seem more like reality, more attainable. So spend some time visualising how your future looks.

-How would you feel starting that business you've always dreamed of?

-What would it feel like to slip into that gorgeous new dress and feel amazing?

-How would it feel to be free of that relationship that's dragging you down?

Research has shown that the more accurately we visualise, the more likely we are to achieve. It's all in the details, so imagine the feeling of receiving that first payment. The feel of the admiring glances as you walk elegantly into a crowded room wearing that new dress. Perhaps the feeling of waking up alone and knowing your future is in your own hands...

So go wild, get dreaming, dream in detail and write your future story.