Why I love laughter ...

Laughter allows us to express so many positive emotions: joy, gratitude, playfulness, humour, love - the list is endless. My main reason for loving laughter is that it creates a connection, which I believe is key to happiness. As social beings we need a sense of belonging and laughing with others can create that connection.

When we laugh it allows us to think clearly and more positively. It is impossible to laugh and think negative thoughts. Laughter and smiling affect the neural pathways our brains allowing us to exist in a more positive and happier state of mind and science has proven that that how we think can actually affect our physical well being. Laughing suppresses stress hormones and helps release calming neurotransmitters which can help us live longer healthier lives.

We've all heard the saying "if you don't laugh you'll cry". We cannot control what happens in life, but we can chose how we respond to a situation. It has been proven that laughing in stressful or emotionally charged situation can actually provide relief or comfort. When life isn't going to plan finding a way to laugh can help us by calming us and helping to achieve acceptance. So next time you get that urge to laugh go ahead and give yourself permission simply because it feels good 😊

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