Eat That Frog!

Not this frog - I think he's actually rather cute.

I'm talking about the metaphorical frog that is sitting on your desk or beside you on the sofa right now.

I think we'd all agree that eating a frog is not something we'd like to do, and therein lies my point. There are certain things that we know we need to get on with, but for various reasons avoid. They could be dull and repetitive or maybe downright nasty and we know that we are not going to enjoy doing them. The natural response to this is to procrastinate and delay, but by choosing to put these things off we actually torture ourselves throughout the day and then are left to deal with the guilt of not having achieved when we come to the end of the day. And guess what - that frog is still going to be waiting for us the next day... and so the cycle continues.

Research tell us that "eating that frog" at the start of your day gives you a sense of achievement and allows you to cruise through the rest of the day with more energy for the remaining enjoyable tasks.

So what is the metaphorical frog that you need to eat, that one task that you just don't want to do?''

  • What could you get done early morning so that the rest of your day is guilt free?

  • What task have you been putting off for weeks because of fear of failure?

  • What conversation have you been avoiding having due to lack of confidence?

Perhaps your frog isn't a single huge one and isn't immediately obvious. If so there are various time management methods identify the frogs that might be holding back your productivity. Below is my adaptation of the the Esienhower box. It helps you identify your frogs (and get your tasks prioritised).

Simply list your tasks for the day and place into one of four categories.

  1. Things you don’t want to do, but need to do. (Your frogs - do them first)

  2. Things you want and need to do. (Prioritise AFTER you've dealt with the frogs)

  3. Things you want to do, but don’t need to do. (Enjoy them after everything else)

  4. Things you don’t want or need to do. (Ditch them)

Your frog is anything in No. 1 i.e you don't want to do, but need to do.

Ultimately once you've identified your frogs it's about discipline and prioritisation. All you need to do is decide to take action and keep going until it is completed.

So what is stopping you? Go eat that frog... Now!

If despite identifying and facing up to your frog you still aren't taking action then perhaps there is a bigger problem underlying this particular frog? Why not book in for a free 45min coaching session and let me help you identify what is stopping you from taking action and together we can design a way forward.

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