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Executive & Personal Development Coaching

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The discovery call is the first step in working together. It is a free no-obligation experience of coaching. This call can last from 30mins to an hour. 

To get the best from coaching, you need to be confident that you can work with me. The purpose of this call is to get to know each other and for you to experience how a typical coaching session works.

If  you decide the time is right to take the coaching relationship forward, the next step is for us to create a Coaching Agreement, or contract, to ensure that everyone involved is clear about and satisfied with what the relationship is setting out to achieve. A typical coaching agreement will cover areas such as price, confidentiality, the duration and format of the coaching as well as the desired outcomes and what success will look like.

A typical coaching programme is around 6-10 sessions, each of an hour in length. They are held on a regular basis, usually every 10 days. The sessions are normally held via video conference (ZOOM). E-mail and WhatsApp support are available to you throughout the programme.


The coaching process is both a personal and practical journey – blending growth through insight and awareness with the introduction of new skills and accountability towards the process.  

Each session is very much client led, we focus on what is most important to you at the time, whilst always being mindful of your desired outcomes and goals. In a typical session we would reflect on what you have achieved since the last session and work on any challenges faced, or areas you want to build on. At the end of the session we will detail the actions that you have decided need to be taken before the next session. This could be in the form of practical to do lists or perhaps something you wish concentrate on being mindful about for the next 10 days to make you more aware of your inner feelings. Everybody has their own journey and coaching is different for every client. My job as a coach is to be there to challenge, support and encourage you every step of the way.


I work with a vast array of clients from all different backgrounds, each with different goals and desired outcomes;

  • Starting a new life after divorce or relationship breakdown.

  • Finding and maintaining work life balance.

  • Achieving health and fitness goals.

  • Reigniting a career after children have left home or started school.

  • Support with starting a new business.

  • Working through major life change; bereavement, redundancy, new career.

Vision Board Workshop, February 2019
Online Life Coach Door94
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