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Online Therapist for Expats
Why might online or telephone counselling be for me ?

Not everyone has the ability to attend therapy in person. Perhaps you are unable to tell a family member that you are feeling like you need support, maybe you are short of time and need to do your sessions in your lunch hour from work. You may be away from home and in need of support. The reasons for working online are as varied as my clients, but below are some of the most common reasons.

Online therapy for teens

You already have a busy schedule... 

Life is getting busier and busier every day and sometimes it can feel like another challenge to make time to squeeze a therapy session into your already hectic schedule. Take travel time out of the equation and work with me online.

You are a student, or parent of a uni student  ...

Many of my young clients transition to a new a life away from home whilst attending therapy. Parents can pre buy blocks of online appointments to ensure their loved ones have immediate access to continued support whilst away from home.

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You are housebound by illness or a young family ...  

Loneliness, lack of support and life changing illness can contribute to mental health problems. Just because you aren't able to leave your home you shouldn't be denied access to quality therapy.

You are an expat...

I have worked with UK citizens living all over the world. The pressure of living abroad can be hard and feel isolating, sometimes a therapist who understands you culturally can help keep you motivated to continue engaging with your new location.

Does online therapy "work"?
Online therapy came into mainstream visibility throughout the Covid pandemic, however many therapists have been working online much longer than this. I have been providing successful online therapy since 2017 (in the days when people used to ask me what zoom was!). 

A 2013 Canadian study with a focus exclusively on video counselling vs. in person counselling reported that “video counselling and in-person counselling had similar outcomes in regards to the rate of session helpfulness, pre and post counselling self-assessment, and rate of goal completion.”  If you have worries that you won’t have as good a personal connection with your therapist, a 2014 review carried out in Australia on the subject of client-therapist relationships in video therapy, positively confirmed that clients felt at least as bonded with their therapist using video conference as those who had in-person therapy.

Most importantly, you don’t need to choose as you can do both! It’s increasingly normal, especially with the rise of people working over the internet and travelling frequently, to engage in therapy that is sometimes in person, sometimes over the internet. So if online therapy is not a perfect match for your needs, consider trying a ‘blended approach’. Many of my clients who started in person have moved onto online sessions from a convenience point of view and are still seeing the same benefits. 

Approved and accredited platforms I work with...

If you prefer the comfort of working and booking via a subscription service I am registered as an online therapist with the following sites;



Harley Therapy


*booking via a platform will incur a service charge and is subject to different terms and conditions which I have no control over.

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