November 29, 2019

Who is holding you accountable and keeping you on track❓

It’s so easy to get lost in being busy with day to day life. 😳 We are almost at the end of 2019... have you achieved everything you planned ??

A long overdue session with my own coach made me realise just how...

September 19, 2019

Secondary Gain ... ⚠️

What is it and is it holding you back from the life you really want? Are you even aware it exists in your life ❓

Watch my video and then take a look at the questions below which will help you to identify yours. 

🖌 what do you get to not feel / e...

May 15, 2019

Not this frog - I think he's actually rather cute.   I'm talking about the metaphorical frog that is sitting on your desk or beside you on the sofa right now. I think we'd all agree that eating a frog is not something we'd like to do, and therein lies...

April 6, 2018

I’ve recently been trying hard to let go of something that I know is not good for me. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not sure I’m even fully there yet, but the process has made me question ...

“Why it is so hard to let go of things?” 

In my personal circumstances I know thi...

April 1, 2018

Easter is all about resurrection. If we move away from the religious context and think about our own lives what is there in your life that you could resurrect to make your life happier and more fulfilling ?

New Years resolutions seem like a lifetime away now and I'm pre...

March 13, 2018

Nothing in this world changes unless you take action...

If you have a dream or goal that you want to make real then take a step. Even just one small action will start a chain of events that will take you closer to that goal. For help achieving your dream or making chang...

February 20, 2018


Reach out to someone you care about, let them know you're thinking of them.

Use your connections - surround yourself with people who inspire you and encourage you to be the person you aspire to be.

Be Kind

Smile at a passer by.

Hold the door open for som...

January 1, 2018

We all know the saying that hindsight is 20/20, but if we’re honest with ourselves, how much do we use that hindsight?  

When we are constantly striving to move forward in life it’s easy to lose ourselves in the future. We all know that feeling of where did this we...

October 16, 2017

"Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost." Khalil Gibran

In today's world everything moves so fast - our thoughts and words included.

How often do we actually stop to vocalise the little compliment or kind greeting th...

September 17, 2017

We all have a story. Our story makes us who we are, but it also allows us to decide who we will become.  How much time do you spend actively creating your future story? Positive visualisation makes our dreams seem more like reality, more attainable. So spend some time...

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May 15, 2019

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